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PE2 Purge and pressurized enclosure zone 1/21
PE2 Purge and pressurized enclosure zone 1/21
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CCF-AX Aluminox Explosion proof & flameproof enclosure

CCF-AX Aluminox Explosion proof & flameproof enclosure
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ALUMINOX® is a combination of Aluminium alloy used for our products with a final surface treatment which involves the exclusive GHA technology (Golden Hard Anodizing).
The Aluminium alloys, because of their low hardness, present an extremely vulnerable surface (scratches, wear).
Moreover, their natural bent to get oxidized, quickly triggers dangerous corrosion processes either locally (pitting) or diffused.
This is why aluminium items are protected by painting, chrome, nickel or anodic oxidation coatings.
The Anodic Oxidation represents the most suitable and safe surface treatment among any others as it cannot be removed: the aluminium surface becomes Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3), creating a hard not removable protective layer.
The Aluminium Oxide crystals present a very hard and compact hexahedron structure with a capillary hole on its centre, that severely limits its application especially when the surfaces are subject to frictions or to corrosive environments.
Scientists of M/s SOUKEN (Japan) have developed the process for sealing the porosities of the Al2O3 by a special galvanic process using Ag+ ions, transforming the porosity (which was a real defect) into a new material.
The technological characteristics lead by this process make extremely convenient and competitive any Aluminium alloys item Vs.the equivalent solution based on most valuable materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium alloys or Steel coatings involving TIN, PVD, CVD, Hard Chrome, Chemical Nickel, etc.
Which are the advantages of ALUMINOX®?
ALUMINOX® preserves all the advantages of the Aluminium alloys with the addition of characteristics normally belonging to Stainless Steel as well as to other advanced materials:
• Unparalleled corrosion resistance in Marine/Saline environment;
• High antibacterial and anti-mildew capability;
• Extreme surface hardness (resistance to wear);
• Elevate thermal conductivity;
• Superior fire and heat resistance;
• Non stick and Antistatic properties (less dirt/easy cleaning and electrically safer);
• Self-lubricating surfaces (i.e. non‐seizing threading )


NF EN 60079-0 et IEC 60079-0
NF EN 60079-1 et IEC 60079-1
Directive  ATEX 2014/34/UE

Industry : Surface II
Environment : Gas
Environment : Dust
Protection type : EExd -
Gas : II B  - H2
Area : 1 2 21 22
Materials : Aluminium cast

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