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28 December 2007

All equipment and protective systems must be marked legibly and indelibly with the following minimum details:

Name and Address of the Manufacturer

This is the “manufacturer” involved in the production control phase. For example, electrical equipment in Category 1 or 2 which has undergone type examination and product quality assurance or production quality assurance will be marked with the name and address of the holder of the product(ion) quality assurance notification. For equipment manufactured at two or more locations each set of markings must be specified. The address may be abbreviated but must include the town/city and country.

CE Marking

The CE marking shall generally be no less than 5mm in height and shall not be affixed to components. It shall be followed by the identification number of the Notified Body involved in the production control.

Year of Construction

The year in which the product is constructed and the CE marking affixed. This may be part of the serial number to permit a change in the marking according to the year of construction

The Specific Marking of Explosion Protection followed by the Symbol of the Equipment Group and Category

Equipment group I (mining) followed by the equipment category M1 or M2.


Equipment group II (non-mining) followed by equipment category 1, 2 or 3. For equipment-group II, the letter ‘G’ where explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapours or mists are concerned and/or the letter ‘D’ where explosive atmospheres caused by dusts are concerned.

Additional Marking Essential for Safe Use

Where compliance with a standard is being claimed, the marking specified in the standard must also be included.

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